Chef’s Table S3 E1

Have you watched “Chef’s Table” on Netflix? I watch the series pretty regularly and am impressed how well it’s done. I’m particularly interested in chefs’ life stories rather than their dishes. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m drooling over what they create.) Recently I watched season 3 episode 1 Jeong Kwan. She is a Buddhist monk... Continue Reading →


Hello from Sonoka County

Thank you for tuning in. I'm Sonoka, an artist. Back in 2006, I started a project to make 4x6" postcard size collages and print and sell them. I was dreaming about people who bought them would reconnect with someone else by snail mailing my postcards. So I named the project "Fly Like a Snail". USPS was using that song "Fly Like an Eagle.." for their... Continue Reading →

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