Chef’s Table S3 E1

Have you watched “Chef’s Table” on Netflix? I watch the series pretty regularly and am impressed how well it’s done. I’m particularly interested in chefs’ life stories rather than their dishes. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m drooling over what they create.) Recently I watched season 3 episode 1 Jeong Kwan. She is a Buddhist monk in South Korea. She cooks for fellow monks everyday and the community for occasions. I want you to watch it rather than I spoil it. But I tell you, it left me speechless. “When you eliminate competitions or jealousy, creativity opens up and flows like water.” Maybe because I’m Buddhist and I feel things in the same way as she says, but I think it has universal message. Big part of the reasons why I moved up here was because I wanted to go to the place where no one knew me and I wanted to start over. I also wanted to be closer to nature. I hiked quite a bit last 5 years or so. When I hike, I pay attention to what’s surrounding me, rocks, dirt, soft ground filled with pine needles, streams, plants, insects, and sky. I become really sensitive to subtle sounds and scents. At camp, I get scared of being alone in the darkness, then I look up, hundreds of precious stars above me. Fear goes away. I thank everything around me. I’m not a harmit but my life now is a little closer to that. Coincidentally in last couple of weeks I heard from 2 different people who had known me for a long time, both said this environment had done something good for me. They both could see the difference in my new works. Honestly, I’m not aware of the difference. However, watching the “Chef’s Table” episode made me more conscious about the necessity of eliminating all the noise in my head, being focused, being ‘one’ with the work while creating it.


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