Hello from Sonoka County

Thank you for tuning in. I’m Sonoka, an artist.

Back in 2006, I started a project to make 4×6″ postcard size collages and print and sell them. I was dreaming about people who bought them would reconnect with someone else by snail mailing my postcards. So I named the project “Fly Like a Snail”. USPS was using that song “Fly Like an Eagle..” for their TV commercial at that time..  hence my logo. I sold 100s of postcards last 10 years. I know my wish has come true in a small part. Here’s a story.

J was a guy I used to work with occasionally. One day he handed me a $100 bill and said “gimme your postcards as many as I can get with this.” He had just discovered I was an artist and selling postcards of my artworks. He said it was a good excuse to write to old friends. I thought he was crazy but I gave him a bag full of postcards and greeting cards anyway. He often gave me updates on his writing activities like, he wrote to a friend in Brazil or he wrote a card to his mom for her birthday. This was exactly what I dreamt of when I started the postcard collage project 10 years ago. Someone would reconnect with someone else by snail mailing my cards. That’s why my logo is a snail with wings. J’s reports made me really happy. Then I moved to where I am now. I don’t see him anymore. People move on, right?
A couple of weeks ago I found a letter from him in the mail. He wrote a pretty long letter. I loved it. I loved the fact that someone thought of me and took time to write. I’m as guilty as many people for not writing much other than Christmas cards. This red envelope is a forever reminder of how a little thing like a postcard or letter could impact someone. And a reminder of the meaning of being an artist.

If you are curious about what I do, please visit my website. sonokacounty.com



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